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Headline News Topics

by LadyBlue
Jul 30, 2014 21:42:59 GMT -5
No New Posts Pedophile Priests

12 21 Santa Barbara Boys Choir - Robert Van Handel
by Trevor Mackey
Apr 30, 2015 19:53:50 GMT -5
No New Posts Police Impersonators

7 7 JANESVILLE, Wisconsin
by LadyBlue
Jan 16, 2013 13:41:16 GMT -5

Moderator: LadyBlue

Sub-board: terms of Use

3 24 Is Anyone Really Out There?
by LadyBlue
Sept 23, 2015 23:12:50 GMT -5
No New Posts Mystic Snow Angel's Writings

My writings of inspiration, compassion and truth

6 10 Dec 21st Doomsday - The Perfect Storm
by LadyBlue
Dec 24, 2012 11:51:43 GMT -5
No New Posts The Blue Ridge Parkway - Reality

Virginia - North Carolina notorious highway of death

by LadyBlue
Jun 3, 2013 18:55:30 GMT -5
No New Posts Law Enforcement

Problems, Freedom of information act, Sunshine Law

9 23 !0 Years & Counting
by LadyBlue
Dec 14, 2012 17:48:49 GMT -5
No New Posts Gina DeJesus - Amanda Berry - Michele Knight


21 47 Charles Ramsey - Hero Saved The Day
by LadyBlue
May 16, 2013 11:51:44 GMT -5
No New Posts Morgan Dana Harrington

241, Charlottesville, Virginia, Body Found, Farm, Sketch, Fairfax

9 12 Morgan Harrington - Forum - 2009
by LadyBlue
Sept 23, 2015 22:58:01 GMT -5
No New Posts Mickey Shunick - Lafayette - LA

Brandon Scott Lavergne, Escort Services, Murder

34 23,862 Mickey, Not Forgotten...
by LadyBlue
Sept 23, 2015 23:22:16 GMT -5
No New Posts Isabel Celis - Arizona

Disappeared, Forensic Evidence, Bodily Fluids, Shoe Impressions, DNA Evidence, Luminol

5 7 Open Discussion Thread One
by LadyBlue
Jun 12, 2012 21:51:27 GMT -5
No New Posts Sierra LaMar - California

Abducted, Cellphone, Automated Attendance System, Registered Sex Offender, Juicy Bag, Alex Smith, Volunteer Search Teams, Cadaver Dogs, DNA Evidence, Volkswagen Jetta, Surveillance Video, Antolin Garcia-Torres, Arrest

5 27 3-Year Search Comes to Close
by LadyBlue
Sept 23, 2015 23:06:35 GMT -5
No New Posts Lauren Spierer - Indiana

Missing, Indiana University Student, Bloomington, Surveillance Cameras, Foul Play, Items Of Interest, Volunteer Search, Lanfill Search, Mystery, Disappeared

8 18 Missing student's beau's parents fume
by b
Sept 29, 2014 16:17:41 GMT -5
No New Posts Jessica Hawk - Homicide - NO - Aug 11, 2008

Jessica Hawk was murdered. Stabbed multiple times. Dr. Bob visited the crime scene with detectives before her body was removed. He said her naked body was propped-up. Since he is sharing this news with neighbors, it is no longer the private knowledge of detectives.

2 9 Photos Of Jessica Hawk
by LadyBlue
Jul 27, 2012 13:25:55 GMT -5
No New Posts War Vets Come Home With PTSD

A HUGE problem for the USA and it's a fucked up society that will ALLOW it!

8 10 Murder-suicide in Gilroy leaves 11-year-old dead
by LadyBlue
Mar 16, 2012 16:26:16 GMT -5
No New Posts School Shootings

Shootings, School Shootings, Trauma, PTSD

Sub-board: Missing Person Cases

17 67 Oregon School Shooting
by LadyBlue
Oct 8, 2015 15:36:36 GMT -5
No New Posts All About Dru Sjodin

This website was created from Dru's story. Her disappearance turned my life around

Moderator: LadyBlue

138 692
No New Posts Dismembered Bodies - Locations

12 18 The Psychology of Corpse Dismemberment
by LadyBlue
Oct 18, 2012 14:30:18 GMT -5

The Missing Cases

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No New Posts 2006 to 2010 - 1 Viewing

contains the cases by year

Sub-boards: Antinette "Toni" Kelle, Samantha Ann Clarke, Stephanie Low, Kathy Adam, Morgan Harrington, Rachel Colbert, Toni Keller, Stephanie Low, Zahra Baker, Paige Johnson, Kathy M. Chou, Danielle T.Brown, Jalesa Reynolds, Amy Vargas, Kyron Harmon, Bridgett B Norris, Kathy Adams, Darlene Louise Dunn, Nathan Trino Guerra, Jr., Bruce Harding Bell, Leland Clark Torrey, Robert Morales,, William McGrath,, Kristi Cornwell, Cassidy Payton, Reyna Lopez, Heather Brooke, Nancy Cobbs, Bobby Jamison Family, Keighley Ann Alyea, Karamjit Kaur, Carla Cook Fuqua, YAMILETH ELIZABETH ROGEL, Malcolm Dean Mallett, Fernando Benitez, JR., Qingping Ouyang, Shaun David Steward, Baltazar Lopez, Azaren Cordova, Christopher George Cochron, John William Glasgow

78 125 The McStay Family - Finally Located DECEASED
by azumpire
Jan 13, 2014 22:00:12 GMT -5
No New Posts Missing Persons Inside Crashed Cars


25 27 Missing for 35 years - Found in Texas lake
by LadyBlue
Apr 26, 2014 17:58:09 GMT -5
No New Posts New Cases - Also Homicides

188 886 Kortne Ciera Stouffer - Palmyra, PA
by Steve
Feb 11, 2016 15:48:34 GMT -5
No New Posts Teenagers Missing

3 33 Kathlynn Shepard - LOCATED DECEASED
by LadyBlue
Jun 8, 2013 7:50:50 GMT -5
No New Posts A Child Is Missing

13 21 Charish Perriwinkle - LOCATED DECEASED
by LadyBlue
Jun 22, 2013 20:58:13 GMT -5
No New Posts 2007 - 1 Viewing

Sub-boards: Richard Mark Linse, Michelle Marie Chafin, Lawrence Andrew Minter, Victor Gene Donald, Steven Alan Condon, Jessica "Jessie" & Chloe Davis Case (2007), Jamie Harper, Stacy Peterson, Courtney Michelle Hudson, Janine Vaughan , Israeli Student Dana Rishpy , Stephanie Eldredge, Gloria Walker, Stepha Henry, Madeleine McCann , Britney Jenae Wright, Pamela Ann Hendricks, Lisa Ann Green , Christine Wiles, Joey Lynn Offutt, Theresa Parker, Kimberly Whitton & Mother Missing

64 103 Lisa Stebic - 2007 - Illinois
by LadyBlue
Apr 30, 2012 7:22:27 GMT -5
No New Posts 2006

Sub-boards: Jose Rosendo Sanchez, Jaime Ramirez Gutierrez, Roxann Ellison, Jennifer Joyce Kesse, Clinton Devon Nelson, Jeannine Erwin, Brandi Wells , Allison Jackson-Foy

14 22 Roxann Ellison
by LadyBlue
Sept 23, 2015 22:55:21 GMT -5
No New Posts 2000-2005

those reported missing during these years

Sub-boards: Jon R. VanDyke, TARA GRINSTEAD, Audrey May Herron, Molly Bish , Laci Denise Rocha Peterson Case (2002), Brianna Maitland, Beaner, Gina DeJesus, Amanda Berry, Maura Murray, Michele Whitaker , Joyce Crider

112 253 Tina Marie McQuaig - LOCATED DECEASED
by LadyBlue
May 16, 2013 9:12:44 GMT -5
No New Posts 1999 and earlier

cases from before 2000

Sub-boards: Gayle Marks, Kristen Modafferi, Kristen Smart, Sheri Lynn Swims, Pamela Mitchell, Kristi Gwen O'Pry

64 143 Trisha Meredith Homicide - Indiana
by LadyBlue
Sept 21, 2015 20:43:43 GMT -5
No New Posts Cases Solved By Phychics/Visions

1 2 Terry Dewayne Smith Jr - 11 Year Old
by LadyBlue
Jul 12, 2013 11:26:51 GMT -5

The Missing - General

Board Threads Posts Last Post
No New Posts WHAT THE FUCK??


2 2 18 Year Old - Dismembered by 20 Year Olds
by LadyBlue
Jul 9, 2013 14:53:11 GMT -5
No New Posts Missing Persons

Moderator: LadyBlue

Sub-boards: Abby Blagg, Donna McLeod, Brooke Henson, Amy Giordano - LOCATED DECEASED, Paige Birgfeld, Donna Jou, Jessie Foster, Alicia Minton, Jessica Lee Cain, Jennifer & Adrianna Wix, Jaycee Lee Dugard - LOCATED ALIVE, Michaela Joy Garecht, Molly Dattilo , Jeremiah Matthew Claypool, YVONNE KATHARINA BELCHER, Trent Duckett, Shausha Henson & Shaina Kirkpatrick, Kara Kopetsky , Lisa Stebic , Margaret Haddican-McEnroe, James "Jimmy T" Trindade , Alabama Missing Females, Missing Females -- New Jersey, George Robert "Skip" Zelaya , Sheryl Rucci , Janet Gore, Nita Mayo, Kelly Jo Elliott , Anne Rae-Pons , Those Missing From Cruise Ships, Starr Hill, Anthony J. Luzio, Jr, Mary Denise Lands, Michelle Angela Yarnell , Janie Sue Lindsey, Reachelle Smith 3 year old, Laura Lynn Clark, Frances Tamette Blanke, Rhonda Michelle Bingham, Sheila Scott , Virginia McMillin, Connie Marie Hobbs , Vicky De Laurier , Michele Harrison, Theresa Marie Mills, Leslie Adams, Jumile Denson, Erick Cerrone , Jeanette Zapata, Roxann Tolson , Petra Muhammad Missing, Carlos W. Demattos Missing, Debbie Dante Missing, Lucille Lewis Missing, JENNIFER KESSE Missing, Abby Blagg , Karen Wilson , Andrea White

211 1,017
No New Posts Vehicles Involved

this includes victims cars, and perp vehicles

Sub-boards: Missing People Getting Into Suspect Vehicle, Vehicles Gone Missing With The Missing Person

8 21 Wendy Bonilla
by LadyBlue
Aug 21, 2007 19:57:05 GMT -5

This has to be the single most irritating artice that I've ever read.

Moderator: LadyBlue

21 67
No New Posts University Students Missing From Bar Parties

Both Men & Women

13 18 Thomas "T.J." Murray Jr - Missing from Bar
by LadyBlue
Mar 7, 2012 7:27:32 GMT -5

Missing - Located

Board Threads Posts Last Post
No New Posts Missing And Located

Moderator: LadyBlue

91 595 Teleka Patrick - LOCATED DECEASED
by LadyBlue
Apr 9, 2014 18:17:25 GMT -5
No New Posts Deceased

Sub-boards: Chelsea Brubaker FOUND DECEASED, Jessica Marie Lunsford , Camille Cleverly -- LOCATED DECEASED, Nailah Franklin -- LOCATED DECEASED, Kelly Gorham -- LOCATED DECEASED, Amy Oberhaus -- LOCATED DECEASED , George Anna Setzer -- LOCATED DECEASED, Christopher Barrios Jr -- LOCATED DECEASED, Mahalia Xiong -- LOCATED DECEASED, Jacyln Funderburg -- LOCATED DECEASED, Kelly Nolan -- LOCATED DECEASED, Zina Linnik -- LOCATED DECEASED, Susan Fast -- LOCATED DECEASED, Jessie Davis -- Located Deceased, Kelsey Smith--LOCATED DECEASED, Heather Stewart -- LOCATED DECEASED, Candy Burke -- LOCATED DECEASED, Joanna Rogers -- Located Deceased, Summer Shipp -- LOCATED DECEASED, Yolanda Bindics -- LOCATED DECEASED, Cynthia Moreland -- LOCATED DECEASED, Doris Phillips -- LOCATED DECEASED, Nina Tarkovskaya -- LOACTED DECEASED, Tracy Tribble--FOUND DECEASED , Nancy A. Martin-FOUND DECEASED , Jane Kling--FOUND DECEASED, Rachael Bowers--FOUND DECEASED, Mikalena Nau--FOUND DECEASED, Tanya Kach , Jennifer Blagg & Abby Blagg, Liana White , Amie Lynn Riley, Brittany Phillips, Brooke Wilberger, Brooke Wilberger

191 387 The Many Faces Of Edwin "Jack" Hall
by LadyBlue
Oct 3, 2015 0:34:31 GMT -5
No New Posts Alive

Sub-boards: SHAWN HORNBECK - FOUND ALIVE, Emma Ann Francis -- LOCATED SAFE, Amy Lauren Mullins -- LOCATED SAFE, Crystal Slach -- LOCATED ALIVE, Angelique M. Beecher -- FOUND SAFE, Kathleen Atkins--FOUND ALIVE, Carrina Kuhns-Duffield --LOCATED ALIVE, Jeffrey William Gourley -- LOCATED ALIVE, Christina DeStefano -- FOUND ALIVE , Wanda Johnson--FOUND ALIVE , Stephanie Mathews--FOUND ALIVE , Michelle Combs -- LOCATED SAFE, Elisha Lopez -- FOUND ALIVE , Claudia Altman--FOUND ALIVE , Mary Jean Tock--FOUND ALIVE, Elysse McCormick--FOUND ALIVE , Naomi Fuentes--FOUND ALIVE, Samantha Runnion, Taylor Behl

29 33 Margaret Scholl - LOCATED ALIVE
by LadyBlue
Sept 18, 2011 20:21:55 GMT -5

Videos for the Missing

Board Threads Posts Last Post

These are people who have gone missing and families have placed videos for us to remember them and help find them

2 2 Ashley Martinez
by LadyBlue
May 27, 2007 11:24:54 GMT -5
No New Posts Christian Rock Uplifting Videos

Someone may get inspiration from these videos, God Bless!

15 15 Praise You In This Storm
by LadyBlue
Aug 4, 2007 16:25:56 GMT -5
No New Posts In Memory Videos -- Murders of Children & Adults

Various Videos R.I. P.

1 1 R.I.P. Videos
by LadyBlue
Jun 24, 2007 18:39:42 GMT -5

Unsolved Cases

Board Threads Posts Last Post
No New Posts Joseph Bertone Mystery Missing

Pittsburgh business man still missing

8 33 Rosa
by LadyBlue
Mar 3, 2013 1:11:07 GMT -5


Board Threads Posts Last Post
No New Posts Human Trafficking In the USA

7 9 Couple allegedly had 12-year-old sex slave
by LadyBlue
Dec 11, 2012 6:29:04 GMT -5
No New Posts Jessie Foster - Las Vegas - Trafficked?

Was this young woman trafficked?

8 17 Jessie Foster - Case Information Overview
by angelsee
Jun 4, 2015 1:20:51 GMT -5
No New Posts Kara Nichols - Colorado - Trafficked?

Was this young woman trafficked?

1 4 About Kara's Case
by LadyBlue
Dec 9, 2012 16:31:58 GMT -5
No New Posts Alivia Kail - Pittsburgh - Trafficked?

1 1 Alivia Kail - Pittsburgh
by LadyBlue
May 11, 2013 15:45:20 GMT -5
No New Posts Escort Service Murders

10 11 Paige Meredith Birgfeld
by LadyBlue
Dec 5, 2012 11:02:40 GMT -5
No New Posts Rogue Police Officers

This must be in my website, we all need to realize that it DOES happen

24 26 Is It Safe To Hire Person With A Criminal Rec
by LadyBlue
Jan 14, 2012 20:22:50 GMT -5
No New Posts Why Children Kill


Moderator: LadyBlue

5 25 Cummings Middle School shooting
by LadyBlue
Jan 18, 2012 10:25:17 GMT -5

Serial Killers

Board Threads Posts Last Post
No New Posts Serial Killers/Serial Rapists

Their stories, their victims, and survivors.

Moderator: LadyBlue

Sub-boards: Richard Ramirez, Ed Gein , Ted Bundy, Gary Leon Ridgway , Bruce Mendenhall , Charles Lee Duffy, UK - Prostitutes in fear as police hunt for possible serial killer, Serial Killer Prowling Atlantic City - NJ, "Baseline Rapist" , Jesse Pomeroy, Earle Nelson, Wayne Nance, Herb Mullin, Kenneth McDuff, Donald Henry "PeeWee" Gaskins, Henry Lee Lucas and Ottis Toole, Bobby Joe Long, Gerald Patrick Lewis, Donald Lang, Paul John Knowles, Keith Hunter Jesperson, William Heirens, William Hance, Vaughan Greenwood, Harvry Glatman, The Chicago Rippers, Carlton Gary - "The Stocking Strangler", Gerald Gallego, John Wayne Gacy, Joseph Paul Franklin, Kendall Francois, Martha Beck and Raymond Fernandez, Richard Marc Evonitz, Donald Leroy Evans, Mack Ray Edwards, Charlie Davis, Jeffrey Dahmer, Richard Cottingham, Daniel Conahan, John Norman Collins, Carroll "Eddie" Cole, Alton Coleman, Nathaniel Code, Douglas Clark, Richard Trenton Chase, David Carpenter, Harvey Carignan, Jerry Brudos, Ray Copeland, William Bonin and Vernon Butts, Lawrence Bittaker and Roy Norris, Arthur Bishop, Cesar Barone Serial Killer, Joe Ball Serial Killer, John Eric Armstrong Serial Killer, Dayton Leroy Rogers, Scott Wilson Williams Serial Killer, Charles Cullen Serial Killer, Lover's Lane Gunman, Daytona Florida cops link 3 deaths to serial killer

144 307
No New Posts BTK

Moderator: LadyBlue

Sub-board: Wichita Unsolved Cases

by LadyBlue
Feb 1, 2006 15:21:20 GMT -5

Sexual Predators

Board Threads Posts Last Post
No New Posts Online Predators

We are now living in an online age and our children are being lured by sexual predators.


by LadyBlue
May 21, 2013 9:20:05 GMT -5
No New Posts Sex Offender Registry

Moderator: LadyBlue

57 91


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